National Elf Service Film

A hassle free pantomime film experience

  • Watch on any screen.  in classrooms or the hall

  • No coaches - no stress!

  • A download link to save the film and watch wherever, whenever and as many times as you like.

  • Filmed in a gorgeous theatre so it feels like a live performance but with some added special effects.

  • We have designed a unique technique so everyone can get involved and have that live pantomime feel.

  • One fixed price for the whole package.

  • Free teaching resources & fundraising pack.

  • Full online support.

  • 10% of NES profits go to Children's Heart Federation.

"You're a pleasure to work with and the kids and teachers love the shows"

Administrator Camrose Primary School

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National Elf -The Story

Santa has finally eaten too many mince pies and is struggling to get up and deliver this years presents. The workshop elves are too busy playing the latest video games, making Tik Tok videos and fighting over followers to make the toys, they are all complaining that they can't be bothered.  Christmas is in jeopardy and something needs to be done.  


Sam is playing "Pantomonium" on his TV when "Doc Leaf" the elf appears and asks him to save Christmas. Sam doesn't understand all this "healthy" stuff and even though his dad is in hospital is reluctant to help.  A magic spell is cast, in the film and in your school, and the screen becomes a portal for Doc and lots of well known pantomime characters to turn the audience into 'The National Elf Service'. Everyone must embark on a mad cap adventure to get the inhabitants of Lapland fit and elfy!  

The journey to save Christmas is not easy and Sam has a lot to learn - will he be able to use his knowledge to save more than Christmas in the end?  The brains, bodies, voices and imaginations of the audience will hold the key.

The Educational Twist

Throughout the pantomime antics we include PSHE and national curriculum areas supporting positive health and wellbeing.  Together the pupils and the characters will discover new things. In 'National Elf Service' they will explore how to improve their physical and mental health and the importance of looking after themselves and others. 


To give you a taste of how it works -  When Catnip Evergreen arrives she enlists everyone in the "Hungry Games" - It's a matter of survival! Big-Atchoo  the Mokepon has a terrible cold and needs to learn a thing or two about hygiene. Here's a taster of how we weave in our themes.

The Interaction

During the film pupils will continually take part in fun audience interaction. 

Can your pupils find the magic portal in their classroom and get the characters to see & hear them?

You will be urged to complete tasks set by the characters.

Offer suggestions, advice, and help save Christmas.

You will be sent a clear and simple guide accompanying the film explaining how everything works, with some simple ideas as to how the digital experience can be enhanced within your school.

If you want to make the show really come to life we are offering a brief live online training session for teachers as part of the film package.

The Package

The cost of the pantomime film package is £250 + VAT

This includes:

The feature length film to download and use on any device in your school from 29th November 2021 - 31st October 2022 (NO STREAMING - NO SIGNAL GLITCHES - YOU GET A COPY)

A comprehensive teaching resource pack with classroom activities

A fundraising pack with ideas and resources

Live online training session for staff

The NES show is supporting Children's Heart Federation Charity and 10% of all profits will 

go to the charity.

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