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"Many, many thanks to you for the panto which we have all enjoyed SO much this morning! It was absolutely brilliant - really fun, engaging and interactive. I would thoroughly recommend you and we will be booking again" 
Head Oakfield Preparatory School

              Winter 2021

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A pantomime film with a healthy theme.

Your help is needed to save Christmas. Storybook and pantomime characters are lost and need to get back to where they're supposed to be. Become the creative powers, use your imaginations and create a whole new story.

A pantomime film with a literacy theme.

Our live show on tour

Jump on board a time travelling train as it heads to the future and the past in search of the answers to save Christmas, and you may just save the planet too!

A live pantomime show with an environmental theme.

"What a wonderful panto. The children loved it! I laughed so much - it was better than a production at the the theatre, it was truly fantastic!" 
Samantha Duncan Year 1 Teacher

The Solar Express

He's never in time and now he's not in his own time!

Prof arrives from the North Pole of the future in a time travelling train and Arty, and the audience, are going to have to work quickly to save Christmas and the planet!

Arty isn't interested in saving the planet - unless it's in a new video game, but when a time travelling train appears, Arty and the audience will go on an interactive pantomime adventure of a lifetime!

A Pantomime Play original production that brings well known pantomime favourites into a unique show about the environment.

"We thought the show was brilliant, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we raised a good chunk of money for the school" 
Chair, Friends of Ascot Heath Primary School 

The Incredible Christmas Story

by the boy who didn't like books

Who? Where? Why? What? When?

Ben's mum will cancel Christmas if he doesn't get his homework done and in a fit of rage Ben accidentally muddles up all the pages of the books in his room. Prince Charming appears and sets Ben and the audience on a pantomime adventure with a literacy twist.

Pirates and the missing words
Prince charming and the princess
Aladdin and his flying skateboard
Pantomime ghost chase
Sally Jotter
Ello Ello Ello
Scrooge in Gnome Alone
Giant and wolf
Elf action
Captain hook

Gnome Alone

A great panto - without the goodies!

Gnorman says he's picked on because he is the only gnome working in Santa's grotto!

Gnorman has a lot to learn about friendship, the pantomime villains do too! Can the audience get everyone to work together and get the sleigh keys back to Santa?

A Pantomime Play original production that tackles bullying, negative behaviours and promotes positive relationships

"All the children laughed a lot throughout the show, which I think is a sign it was a big success. The actors were very professional and put a great deal of energy into their performance" 
 Saint Thomas School PTA 

Pantomime fun
Pantomime Dame Oldilocks
Little red riding hood
Riskmas Carol set in school
Genie in the lamp

A Riskmas Carol

A mostly Christmas tale

Scrooge is out on his own, lost in space and time.

Children can you help save the school pantomime?

'Gem' steals the pantomime charity pot and is magically transported to school pantomime's past, present and future. Will he find his way back for opening night?

This unique pantomime story incorporates themes around responsibility, respect and risk.