The Solar Express - A new live show for 2021

A time travelling pantomime adventure.

This show is for life and not just for Christmas!

A hassle free pantomime experience

  • A 1 hour Christmas pantomime show for the whole school to enjoy.

  • We bring a fabulous set, gorgeous costumes and tons of energy and fun.

  • A unique story and show that will capture all ages.

  • 1 - 3 shows in your school per day.

  • Full online support.

  • A free teaching resource pack full of classroom activities to use throughout the year.

  • A fundraising pack with ideas, posters, tickets and files for you to edit, personalise and print

"You're a pleasure to work with and the kids and teachers love the shows"

Administrator Camrose Primary School

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The Story

It's 2046 and Santa's grotto is half under water, there's no wood left to make any toys and something has to be done - meanwhile in Britain in 2021 Arty want to get rid of his old boring toys and has a very long Christmas list. His mum says he needs to sort out the toys so they can be recycled or re-used but he doesn't believe in all that 'climate rubbish'!  That is until 'Prof' arrives in his time travelling train to take Arty and the audience through time to save Christmas and the planet.  


Arty and your school will travel on 'The Solar Express' to the future to see what is happening and why they need to help. From the past they will see how quickly things have changed. Whilst in the present they discover what they need to do, and when they go back to the future, they can see if all their ideas worked.


The journey to save Christmas, and the world,  is not easy and Arty has a lot to learn -there are loads of pantomime and well known characters to help or hinder him, but he wont be able to do it without the brains, bodies, voices and imaginations of the audience who get to participate in every scene.

The Educational Twist

Throughout the pantomime antics we include a huge range of national curriculum and PSHE areas supporting learning around the environment, taking responsibility, being a positive role model and supporting young people to make a positive difference. Together the pupils and Arty will discover how important it is to look after the planet and also others.


To give you a taste of how it works here's a few of our characters and themes:


In 2046 Captain Birdsear catches more plastic bottles than fish, and they don't taste too good battered and it's even got too warm for Elsa, if only they could 'let it snow'. Arty learns a lot about recycling from the Fairy Godmother as she's a whiz at turning things into something new, and Mario knows a lot about biodiesel.  Can the super powers of 'Wind' 'Hydro' and 'Solar' be harnessed?  Will the 'Ugly Sisters' give up their love of fast fashion? Will Arty and the audience choose the right path when they meet Hansel  and Greta (the environmental activist)? 

The Interaction

During the show pupils will continually take part in fun audience interaction. 

Can your pupils build the missing habitats, correctly distinguish the materials, design outfits, spot what's missing?

Offer suggestions, advice, and help Arty on his travels? Look out for danger!

Our highly skilled performers are also trained facilitators to make sure that the interaction is fun for all.

The show is for life and not just for Christmas so we include a free teaching classroom activity pack.

The Package

The cost of the pantomime starts at £450 + Travel + VAT

The fee for multiple shows decreases with the amount you have in a day.

Included with every booking is a free comprehensive teaching resource pack with classroom activities

and a free fundraising pack with ideas and resources.

There are discounts available so please contact us for an exact quote.